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Give Us A Call Today: (850) 745-8072

Give Us A Call Today: (850) 745-8072


Our passion is to make
dogs and cats look PURR-fect because they are one of the family and deserve nothing less.

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Our groomers are pleasant and caring professionals who treat each and every pet with loving, gentle care. We offer a clean and healthy facility where each pet can feel safe and secure while being pampered. Each grooming takes about one to two hours. Our services are priced based on your dog's breed and coat condition.

Bath/Brush Package

• Hypo-allergenic wash (full body)
• Blow-dry and brush out
• Nail trim
• Ear deep cleaning

Facial/Foot Sanitary Package

In addition to the following services, this level of care includes all the services provided for a Bath & Brush package.

Full Grooming Package

In addition to the following, this level of service includes all the services of bath & brush package:

• Special haircut or full groom according to your requirements (a show-style cut may vary in pricing based on breed)
• Styling of hair or hair dye


Services & Add-Ons

Bath & Brush

$30 & up

Nail Trim or Dremel

$10 and up

Ear Cleaning


Teeth Brush



depends on breed

Small $45 & up
Medium $50 & up
Large $70 & up
Extra Large $85 & up

Medicated or Flea Shampoo



Remember we do offer MOBILE GROOMING as well.

There is a small trip charges added for the mobile service. This fee is based off of location.

So if you would like to book our mobile grooming service please give us a call at 

(850) 745-8072

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